a little philosophy regarding boredom



video / pal / stereo / color / 4:3 / 9'10''




the video is presented in a cozy living-room atmosphere. the video is shown on a television sitting on a small table in front of an inviting couch.


"a little philosophy regarding boredom" was inspired by the book "a philosophy of boredom" by lars fr.h.svendsen, page 58: "people who engage in their own boredom attain a great deal more self-awareness than those who try to escape it by amusing or distracting themselves. in the boredom, one is left utterly and completely to one's own devices; at the same time, one is not at the mercy of anything, because there is no relationship to anything else."


the video is divided into three parts that are respectively titled "attempt 1.1. - time",

"attempt 1.2. - patience", and "attempt 1.3. – serenity". the three scenes have
 the same setting: a beach in croatia. the elements are the sea, the boats passing by, the rocky beach, and a pair of feet stretching out within the frame. the boredom that emerges is split up into the components of 1) time, 2) patience, and 3) serenity, which are represented by 1) a passing boat, 2) waiting for the pastry seller, and 3) observing the rolling sea. the person in the video does not enter into a relationship with the events underway. the film represents a series of experiments that investigates the approach to these components, in order to get closer to the boredom.