annual exhibition of the members of the Kunstverein Kärnten
“2014 uncurated"

presentation of my newest Lili with the titel
“F***, it does suck! Lili and the womanizer. 2023"


opening: Thursday  23rd Nov .2023 | at 7 p.m.

show: 24th Nov. – 20th Dec 2023


Künstlerhaus | Goethepark1 | 9020 Klagenfurt a. W. | Carinthia | Austria



“Kärnten, Heimat großer Töchter?” speed-talk presented by

VISIBLE & WOLKENFLUG in cooperation with kä

representative of the fine arts


Tuesday 24th of Oct 2023 | 6 p.m.


kä | Museumgasse 2 | 9021 Klagenfurt a. W. | Carinthia



“The End Of Economy / Symphony No 2” exhibited at 3rd INTERNATIONAL BIENNIAL OF FINE ART VISIONS, ETIKE(TE) – LAŽ / LIE  in Novo Mesto, SI

music-video in collaboration with Armin Steiner (music) and Judith Lava (video)


opening on Friday, 15th Sep 2023 at 7 p.m.

in Jakčev Dom, Sokolska ulica 1, 8000 Novo Mesto, Slovenija


exhibition from 15th Sep - 15th Oct 2023



“Let’s f***ing talk about it, reloaded!” | LABORATORIUM event

Talk with Ulli Sturm | Ali Gaggl | Magda Kropiunig | Tanja Brüggemann and Judith Lava


Wednesday  26th July 2023 | 7 pm


BV-Galerie Kärnten | Feldkirchnerstraße 31 | 9020 Klagenfurt | Carinthia - Austria

@laboratorium_artistnetwork | @judithlava_0i0






LABORATORIUM, 8 artists – 5 weeks – 10 events – 2 parties

experimental culture & exhibition program initiated and organized by Judith Lava


with - Frauke Danzer | Michaela Fliedl | Christine Huss | Brigritte Kranz | Astrid Langer |

Judith Lava | Marlies Liekfeld-Rapetti | Gertraud Parsons


BV-Galerie Kärnten | Feldkirchnerstraße 31 | 9020 Klagenfurt | Carinthia - Austria

Monday - Friday 4 –7 pm

exhibition -  6th July - 11th August 2023


events outside opening hours:

6th July 2023  6pm -  opening show & summer party

7th July 2023 | 5 - 9 pm - participatory event with Frauke Danzer

11th July 2023 | 7pm - “Die Braut in weiß” music-performance with Michaela Fliedl and JudithFliedl

26th July 2023 | 7pm - “Let’s f***ing talk about it, reloaded!” Talk with Ulli Sturm | Ali Gaggl | Magda Kropiunig | Tanja Brüggemann and Judith Lava

28th July 2023 | 7pm - “wenn überhaupt / Če sploh”  bilingual reading with poetry by Gabi Russwurm-Biro and pictures by Brigitte Kranz

4th August 2023 | 7pm -“Ask the artist” Dachziegl-Talk with Astrid Langer

7.8. + 10.8.2023 | 10-11Uhr  | ARTqigong + ARTyoga with Christine Huss

11th August 2023 6 pm FINISSAGE of LABORATORIUM


further information







I don't have to f***ing do anything!

Solo Show by Judith Lava



Independent, self-determined pocket woman seeks open-minded viewer who wants

to be inspired! Code: "Lili

wax figures / photo works / fine art prints / music video / video poem


Opening, Saturday 1  October 2022 | 5 pm

welcome by Dr. Peter Türk, BV President

to the exhibition Magª Frauke Kreutler, curator Wien Museum

7 pm electro-acoustic live installation by Armin Steiner


free admission to the opening at 5 pm

from 6 pm admission subject to charge as part of “ORF Long Night of the Museums”


Please observe the generally valid precautionary measures during your visit


Supporting program every Thursday at 6 pm

06. 10. personal guided tour by the artist

13. 10. film evening with documentaries by Antshi von Moos and Ujjwal Kanishka Utkarsh

Followed by a discussion with the present filmmakers

20.10. personal guided tour by the artist

Permanent presentation:, VITAL, video collage of 24 videos by international women artists (details below)


BV-Gallery Carinthia | Feldkirchnerstraße 31 | 9020 Klagenfurt | Austria

Monday + Tuesday 11–1 pm | Wednesday 10–1 pm | Thursday 4–7 pm

exhibition  3rd–25th October 2022 | @judithlava_0i0





24 artists / 24 videos / 24 countries - 45 min.

Curator : Véronique Sapin



The videos included in this video-composition were created especially for FemLink-Art who presents the video collage VITAL.

Interpretations of this theme are featured by 24 women video artists representing 24 countries from around the world. The artists reflected on what is vital for them. The result contains a wide range of responses from the private to the political, the meditative to the immediate, the formal to the informal.


VITAL list of artists

Sima Zureikat, Evgenija Demnievska, Elena Arzuffi, Samirah Al Kassim, Kamila B Richtrova, Anna Van Brest Smallenburg, Aki Nakazawa, Véronique Sapin, Raquel Kogan, Ana Bezelga, Nahar Keya Najmun, Aliaa El Gready, Esther Johnson, C.M. Judge, Dorte Jelstrup, Sigrún Harðardóttir, Monica Dower, Verena Schaukal, Alejandra Delgado, Judith Lava, Carolina Saquel, Minoo Iran Pour Mobarakeh, Christie Widiarto, Raya Mazigi



“lili is threatened by coffee beans” is mentioned in art magazine “die brücke” , article by hannes etzlstorfer

edition no. 28, feb 2022, page 20



bv art ex 20

alpen-adria-galerie, theaterplatz 3, 9020 klagenfurt, carinthia

3 fine art prints, in wooden frame


opening on thursday 04 nov 2021 at 7pm

show open from 5 - 17 nov 2021



carmarthen bay film festival

video-poem “details” will be shown at cbff online

poetic, day 3 - screening 1

19 may 2021 at 3.35 p.m.


tickets are for free. all films can be watched online until the end of the festival - 20th may 2021




sound by roland widmer,



reprreelpoetry festival houston tx

video-poem “details” with isabel walter (poem)

screening official selections part2

26 feb 5.30 pm mez (10.30 am cst houston)





represented on pool fc gloria

the pool is a comprehensive database of active women* in the austrian film industry.





art magazine “die bruecke" featured my video-still “i will meet you on the other side".

issue no. 22, feb2021, page 13




art magazine “die bruecke" featured my art work “my respect sigmund but fuck the penis envy! yours lili".

issue no. 21, dec 2020, page 23




bv art ex 20

alpen-adria-galerie, theaterplatz 3, 9020 klagenfurt, carinthia

titel: "wanderlust DK" -  3 framed photo prints


show open from 25 june - 14 july 2020



corona art - go digital

due to present circumstances my current works can be seen on instagram -




also check out my vimeo account -



acquisition by county of carinthia

"sun-projections 04 - 07"

4 prints on brushed alu-dibond



lecture at unviversity of applied arts, institute of photography & time-based media maria ziegelböck, about video-art-installation and installing such for art shows



annual show bv-carinthia

alpen-adria-galerie, theaterplatz 3, 9020 klagenfurt

titel: "sun-projections 04 - 07" -  prints on brushed alu-dibond


opening: thursday 05 dec 2019 at 7pm

show is open until 17 dec 2019



participation in exhibition risk everything at manifest destiny art gallery in barcelona



22th nov 2019, 7 p.m.

carrer de la ciutat de granada 42, 08005 barcelona, spain




participation in poetry film festival vienna 2019 presenting  video “details” -

category competition II - austrian program


30th nov 2019, 5 p.m.

metro kinokulturhaus, johannesgasse 4, 1010 vienna


poetry film festival vienna 2019



poem & voice - isabel walter / concept & video - judith lava / sound - roland widmer Venice with panopticum - the austrian maze by brendan kronheim

artspace morokutti, via garibaldi fondamenta san gioachin 490a, venezia


participating artists:

hannah feigl, olga flor, karl gruenling, elfriede jelinek, kasper kovitz, laibach&saup, judith lava, michael mastrototaro, gerd mies, markus murlasits, michael nowottny, lukas pusch, julya rabinowich, elisabeth schafzahl, ivica schmid, arye wachsmuth, franz wassermann, phillip wegan


opening: 11th may 2019 at 6pm



annual show bv-carinthia

alpen-adria-galerie, theaterplatz 3, 9020 klagenfurt

titel: "sun-projections 01 - 03" - 3 prints on brushed alu-dibond


opening: thursday 22 nov 2018 at 7pm

show is open until 22 dez 2018



who … is lili?


a story about lili by david hebenstreit alias sir tralala in “die brücke”, edition april / may 2018 (german only)


die brücke



gallery labor, ebertplatzpassage 5, 50668 cologne, germany


nova germania - panopticum

by brendan kronheim

presentation video “mine!”


opening friday 8th Sep.2017 at 7 pm

finissage: sunday 24th Sep.2017 at 7 pm


galerie labor



1st august - 9th september 2017

artist in residence at zitrone,  florastrasse 52, 8008 zurich

thursday 31st august 2017 at 7 p.m. presentation “video-poems volume1”



8 - 29th july 2017

musikforum viktring

presentation of videos: lili the film / facelifting / about spiders and other things

at kellertheater stift viktring



24th july 2016 at 7:30 pm

feminist filmprogram at f*raum, mattengasse 27, 8005 zurich

video presentation “endometriose”



feb 2016

"lili der film" now online

by judith lava on vimeo.



15th  october 2015 at 7 p.m.

studio sikoronja, schreygasse 12a/5-6, 1020 vienna

presentation of new lili  “my respect sigmund, but fuck den penis envy”



11th - 26th july 2015

galleria huuto, helsinki, finland

video collage "vital" by femlink,

participation with video i will meet you on the other side



5th jan 2015

kunst-stücke in dock, basel

a cooperation with the institute of interior design and scenography hgk fhnw

participation with my work the lili kiss

klybeckstrasse 29

ch-4005 basel



30th oct - 01st nov 2014

queerograd festival graz, austria

skin / haut / participation with my video endometriose

curated by anita hofer and evelin stermitz


queerograd festival



17th - 28th sep 2014

solo show lili intensiv




gumpendorferstraße 23, 1060 vienna

first exhibition of the series "personales erzählen"

further exhibitions follow with annette wirtz (de) and aiste kirvelyte (lt)

opening - 16th sep 2014, 8 pm

tue-fri 4 - 8 pm

sat 10 am - 2 pm


gallery breakfast

27 th sep 2014, 10 am until 2 pm



12th jul - 7th sep 2014

exhibition weibsbilder - ženske



at gallery šikoronja

galerieweg 5, 9232 rosegg, carinthia

opening - 11th july 2014


galerie sikoronja



8th - 21st may 2014




judith lava / micaluxe / monsterfrau

video art.sculpture.drawing.performance.electronical music

kunstraum 16th. projectspace of gallery kro art

wilhelminenstrasse 35, 1160 vienna


thursday. 8th may / 7 p.m. / opening & happening

9th - 20th may / daily 1 - 7 p.m. / art in transformation

wednesday 21st may / 7 p.m. / finissage - exhibition and performances



11.5. - 28.5.2013

exhibtion heider - lava

in city centre for culture czernowitz, ukraine

quotation circus - lili goes east

caroline heider - judith lava

curated by christian kaltenegger


opening - 10.5.2013

ivan franko street 15, 58000 czernowitz



2013 femlink _ videocollage vital shown at,

contribute with i will meet you on the other side


centre for contemporary art, poland, warsaw

ujazdowski castle - kino-lab



sommer 2012


grant by the bmukk to work on the development of lili in zurich.



20th april 2012


invited by for the austrian contribution on the the topic vital,

with the video i will meet you on the other side which will be shown at:


femlink _ videocollage vital

20th nov 2012

montaigne theatre, lebanon, istikshaf, (vital)


9th - 16th may 2012 and 6th - 13th june 2012

mexico, mexico city, casa talavera





15th feb 2012

now online! i'm happy to inform that following videos are presented on

endometriosis, about spiders and other things, forbidden fruits


endometriose | über spinnen und andere dinge | verbotene früchte




kinodvor cinema, ljubljana, slovenia

we proudly present lili der film / lili the film at animateka, 8th international animation film festival, in the eastern and central european panorama program



diverse auftragsarbeiten für künstlerinnen und kulturschaffende im bereich videoproduktion



25.3.2011, 20 uhr im wuk

staatsaffaire lädt ein zu heroic sovereign. fashion - performance - music

teilnahme an der hose, burka und bikini fashion show mit der lara-croft-burka,

sowie in der video-lounge mit face lifting




vernissage den blick öffnen - open your mind

in der kro art gallery, getreidemarkt 15, 1060 wien


kooperation mit gleichnamiger ausstellung im künstlerhaus

ausstellungsdauer: 30.1. - 4.3.2011


kro art contemporary




vernissage den blick öffnen im künstlerhaus wien.

gruppenausstellung kuratiert von ina loitzl und tanja prušnik.


mit ona b., bella ban, richard kaplenig, ernst logar, ina loitzl, anna rubin, deborah sengl, larissa tomasetti, und andere …

ausstellungsdauer: 28.1.–2.3.2011


den blick öffnen




"lili der film" trailer now online



1.3. bis 30.9.2010

videoassistenz bei pipilotti rist

in zürich / ch




tourismus award kaernten 2010

mit michael koecher