lara croft burka



acrylic on linen



the fashion show of heroic sovereigns, trousers, burkas, and bikinis: 15 female artists wear their interpretations of freedom of the body.


on the runway: trousers, burkas, and bikinis. the fashion show of heroic sovereigns subverts fashion clichés and casts new light on the debate over burkas. here and now – growing up in miniskirts and bikinis, toying with the latest diets and cosmetic surgery, the idea of the veil seems like a provocative gesture of liberation. and the finale: trousers for those who pee standing up. am i a fashion victim or a trendsetter?


wuk, 25th march 2011

bernadette anzengruber, johanna fléchaire, gloria gammer, iris julian, tamara hauser, christina hartl-prager, zsuzsanna iszlay, judith lava, viktor mohorn, rosemarie poiarkov, andrea reisinger, alexandra wanderer, melanie zipf

initiated by lena wicke-aengenheyster, staatsaffaire.