himmel auf erden

(heaven on earth)




music by armin steiner


two surveillance cameras,

a switch box,
a gold-and-velvet-upholstered armchair, a remote control unit;
a table with a television, a blue tablecloth, candles; four aluminum-clad 70x100cm photos;
a cd player and music boxes



in the burgkapelle art space of the museum of modern art, carinthia, an armchair is located where the altar normally stands. a surveillance camera is placed on the ground in front of and next to the armchair. a table with a television stands sits in the middle of the space, surrounded with candles. four photographs of the armchair placed in various locations—a fitness center, a thermal bath, a shopping street, and in front of the secession—hang on the wall opposite the chairs.


the visitor is invited to sit on the chair. a remote control unit with which the visitor can select between two channels has been placed on the armchair: on one channel, she can view herself sitting on the chair, on the other channel, she can see herself from the side (live).
in the background, computer-generated baroque music by armin steiner is playing.