- details -


2019 / 2020

hd video / 16:9 / color / stereo / dur - 2’19’’


a video-poem by isabel walter (poem) and judith lava (video)

sound by roland widmer, zentralton.ch

translation by kimi lum and zachary storms

graphic advice for subtitle by michaela luxenberger


the film "details" is a hybrid of video and poetry, whose languages overlap. both art genres complement each other by creating a synergy.

whimsical moving images and a powerful poem travel together on a journey through inner and outer landscapes. a movement is narrated that starts with an emotional injury (a hurt feeling) and leads shot by shot to astonishment.


shown at following festivals - carmarthen bay film festival (gb) 2021 / reelpoetry festival houston tx (usa) 2021 /

poetry film festival vienna 2019